Strategic Plan

Board of Directors

Strategic Initiatives have been established in broad areas to allow HARBOR, Inc. to serve as a forum for community projects that are initiated by Board members or other individuals/groups.  These are the principal strategic goal areas established by the Board.   

Strategic Initiatives include:
Communication and Community Engagement
Technology Development
Recreation and Alternative Transportation
Land Use, Open Space, and Environmental

Each Strategic Initiative has Goals with associated Objectives, and specific Strategies to accomplish the Objectives.  

Communication and Community Engagement

HARBOR Inc. Communications Plan


To increase awareness among the Harbor Springs Area Community and Greater community
To spread mission of HARBOR, Inc.
To facilitate communication with the community on important issues
To provide a forum for intergovernmental communication


Technology Development

HARBOR Inc. Technology Plan


To facilitate the cooperative development of technology for residents in the HARBOR, Inc. service area that are un-served or underserved.

Recreation and Alternative Transportation

HARBOR Inc. Recreation and Alternative Transportation Plan


To ensure long-term sustainability of recreational assets for both quality of life and economic reasons.
To promote alternative transportation within the HARBOR, Inc. service area.


Open Space, Land Use, and Environmental

Readmond Township

HARBOR Inc. Land Use, Open Space, and Environmental Plan


To ensure long term sustainability of open space, environmental, and community resources.


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