Pleasantview Township Boards

PLEASANTVIEW TOWNSHIP OFFICE HOURS: Bridget, the Township’s secretary and deputy treasurer will be in the Township’s office M-F 9:00 a.m. to Noon (unless an illness or injury happens). Most of the Township’s officials hold external jobs, in addition to their positions at the Township so they do not have regular hours at the Township Hall, but if you have any questions or if you need help with anything you can call or stop by when Bridget is here. If Bridget cannot help you she will get you in touch with someone who can. The Township has a drop box at the front door for your convenience.

Township Board Members
Robert Rogier, Supervisor
Debra Bosma, Clerk
Amie Tiffany, Deputy, Clerk
Maureen Barkley, Treasurer
Bridget Melching, Deputy Treasurer/Secretary
Les Bosma, Trustee
Robert Wurst, Trustee

Board of Review Members
Charles Raisanen, Chairman
Robert Rogier, Secretary
Jay Bosma


Zoning Board of Appeals Members 
Bob Rossman, Chairman
Earl Ross
Maureen Barkley

Planning Commission 
Earl Ross, Chairman
Dean Shorter
Charles Raisanen, Secretary
Robert Wurst
Larry Saylor

Liquor Inspector 
Heidi Bosma

Zoning Administrator 
Michael Leach

Tim Grimm