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The Harbor Area Regional Board of Resources, Inc. (HARBOR, Inc.) is a citizen based, non-profit, Michigan Corporation founded in 2001. The organization is the result of a grass-roots effort by concerned citizens and members of local governments and associations who share a common goal of controlling and coordinating growth while maintaining in the greater Harbor Springs Community.

The Membership is open to anyone who resides in the City of Harbor Springs and the Townships of West Traverse, Little Traverse, Readmond, Friendship, Pleasantview, and Cross Village, Emmet County, Michigan, who apply for membership.

HARBOR, Inc. consists of a diverse Board of Directors and Executive Committee as detailed in the H.A.R.B.O.R., Inc. By-laws.


To bring together the Greater Harbor Springs Community by providing a platform for cooperation and communication; by encouraging participation through education and discussion; by facilitating the understanding and implementation of multiple plans and proposals; and by promoting, protecting, and maintaining the common vision for the Greater Harbor Springs Community.


Annual Meeting – The members hold an annual meeting in July or August of each year for the purpose of reviewing the activities of the group for the preceding year, including distributions for charitable purposes, to review its financial condition, to elect the eight (8) at large Directors and to conduct such business as may be necessary.The 2015 Annual Meeting was held Wednesday, August 12, 2015.


Board of Director's Meetings - The Board of Director's hold quarterly meetings that are set at the first meeting following the Annual Meeting each year.

Executive Committee Meetings - The Executive Committee meets every three weeks throughout the year with some exceptions. Please refer to the posted schedule.

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HARBOR, Inc. is funded through the generous support of local property owners and residents. Additional funding is received for projects through various granting organizations and local foundations. Click here to contribute.

H.A.R.B.O.R., Inc. By-laws