Communication and Community Engagement


We strive to increase awareness among the Harbor Springs Area Community and Greater community, to spread mission of HARBOR, Inc.,to facilitate communication with the community on important issues, and to provide a forum for intergovernmental communication.

Emmet County Public Transit Survey

The purpose of this research is to assess interest in, and willingness to pay for, public transportation in Emmet County.  Voters were asked to indicate the frequency with which they currently use Emmet County public transit options, and the likelihood of using a more comprehensive system, if made available.  In addition, respondents rated public transportation as a community priority and indicated whether or not they believe the issue of expanded public transportation should be put to public vote, as well as how much of an increase in property taxes they would be willing to pay for an expanded system.  The results of the research will be shared with decision-makers and the community.

Please checkout the full report provided below.

Portable Food Vendor Information and Survey

HARBOR, Inc. collected information and facilitated a survey on Portable Food Vendors for the City of Harbor Springs. Please refer to the City of Harbor Springs page on our website for information related to Portable Food Vendors.

Community Emergency Medical Services Survey

HARBOR, Inc. is seeking community input on a county proposal to change the way local emergency medical (ambulance) service is managed and funded. Please review the documents below and follow the link provided to complete a community survey.

Thank you for your participation.

Harbor Springs Community Pool


HARBOR, Inc. was asked by Harbor Springs Public Schools to assess public sentiment regarding a possible alternative source of funding for the pool at the high school.  HARBOR, Inc., assigned the task to a working group made up of HARBOR, Inc.'s executive director, two board members, two community volunteers, with one alternate and a staff person from MSU Extension.  The working group convened three focus groups and conducted two surveys.  The project was conducted on a largely volunteer basis and no school funds were expended.

A random telephone survey of people who had voted in the November 2010 general election indicated the following:

The pool is very important to the community;
Half of those contacted support the creation of a recreation authority with the power to levy a millage; another quarter want to know more about the concept;
60 percent of respondents said they would vote for a small millage;
Respondents would prefer that a third party run the recreation authority;
Respondents said the recreation authority should include other recreation activities in addition to the pool.

Similar (but not identical) results were obtained from a survey of attendees at a high school band concert in December.

The results of the surveys and focus groups are fully disclosed on our website and elsewhere.  HARBOR, Inc. offers its findings in good faith to the Board of Education but does not attempt to represent itself as a market research firm.  HARBOR, Inc. offers no guidance as to how the information should be used and makes no recommendation regarding a possible ballot proposal.   Readers are cautioned that the survey samples were small in size resulting in relatively large margins of error.

The full Harbor Springs pool community input report is available below:

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