Cemetery Information

Cemetery Committee
Bonnie Weitzel - Chairman
Dave Fox - Sexton
Debbie Czerkie - Secretary
Cheryl True - Committee Member
Peter White - Committee Member
Diane Talcott - Committee Member

News in the Cemetery


We are happy to report an addition to our township cemeteries. We are adding a Scattering Garden to our Readmond Cemetery. The cemetery is located on State Road. This will give residents an option to scatter cremation ashes in our cemetery. The area is in a beautiful grove of pine trees, centered with a bench.

In the future we plan to add a feature so that family members can memorialize their loved ones.

It is necessary that you notify either Bonnie Weitzel, Cemetery Board, at 231-526-7684 or Dave Fox, Sexton, at 231-838-3300 if you plan to scatter ashes, as the township needs to keep records.



We hope you have noticed as you are driving in our township, how good our cemeteries look.  Spring clean-up was a big project after our severe winter, and we are proud of our cleaned cemeteries. A reminder to our owners of cemetery blocks: we need to keep accurate information for our records, so please notify us of a change of address or telephone number.  We think there are owners who no longer intend to use the cemetery blocks they own, and the township would be happy to buy back these blocks, at the price originally paid. Let us know!

We welcome you to decorate gravesites in the cemetery, following the rules and regulations of the cemeteries. Maintenance of any plantings and decorations is the responsibility of the owners.