Area Wide Vision

The Harbor Area Regional Board of Resources, Inc. (HARBOR, Inc.) is a citizen based, non-profit, Michigan Corporation. The organization is the result of a grass-roots effort by concerned citizens and members of local governments and associations who share a common goal of controlling and coordinating growth in the greater Harbor Springs Community.

Desired Outcomes:

  • Developing a community of involved, empowered and inspired citizens, government officials and volunteers distinguished by their cooperation and communication.
  • Inspiring community of individual citizens willing and eager to help define and create our shared future based on what we envision today.
  • Maintaining the Balance between the need to preserve what we love about the region and the need to change to address regional economic growth.
  • Maintaining Connections among governmental entities and other organizations; facilitating discussions on issues that impact the community or the region, especially when the issues overlap jurisdictions.
  • Providing People with a forum to collect and share information in an open and transparent venue.

Graphic Vision